Document Management

Our Document Management module is very simple to use and extremely scalable. We offer a secure area to host your documents within our module. All documents can be easily searchable for quick access.

The system is very scalable, so if you need to share files from the Project Manager with your site audience this is the perfect solution. Perhaps you have a set of documents for your Intranet which you only want available to a certain group of the Management team. Our systems can access rights and permissions to securely control access and the information available to individuals.

If you want your clients to access a part of your intranet to perhaps upload documents for a specific project. This can easily be achieved too.

Key Benefits of Document Management:

  • Provides a central store of information - perfect for Quality Assurance, Corporate Policies, Company News Updates and Industry Best Practice
  • Shares files, certificates, policies, procedures and information across your business
  • Displays a list of files in a structured and searchable format
  • Tag files to be displayed in certain groups
  • Enables individuals to access, update and save files to centrally share documents
  • Field modification - Choose what is sortable and what is not
  • Wide range of document types and file sizes
  • Images can be stored efficiently and large or small versions downloaded