Our Intranets

We develop custom designed Intranets for businesses. Working with you we will create an Intranet solution that is based on your corporate identity and structured to share knowledge and information across your business.

Our Process

The first thing we recommend is an in-depth conversation to understand your business and Intranet requirements in more detail. Ideally we this will be face-to-face but we appreciate time is very precious. Once we have enough information we will convert this into a detailed specification. Together we will review the specification and agree/sign off a final version. The specification will include design, content, functionality and timescales - all aspects of the project. Upon completion of the work you will receive training on every aspect of the Intranet.

Getting in touch is simple; either click on the 'Free Quote' button at the top of the screen or simply call us on 0121 240 1714.

Intranet Modules

We offer a wide range of different modules for your businesses Intranet. As each business is different, each of these can be tailored if required to your specific needs. Below you can find an overview of some of our more popular modules.


Document Management

Complete Document Management for your team. Access documents securely wherever you are in the world.



Our Events Module lets you manage customer and client events, easily and quickly.


Quote Management

Easily manage your businesses quotes securely with this module.


Staff / Team Holiday Management

Manage your teams holidays by using our leave tracking system. Very easy to use for both intranet admins and team users.


Blog and Company News

Don't keep your team in the dark. Our handy blogging and news module is feature packed and enables your team to be in the loop all of the time.



If the business is recruiting for new roles or roles within the team, why not let Intranet users know with the recruitment add on, post jobs and users can easily apply online.


Online Training

If your business provides training, why not consider the online training module. You populate the content and questions, and the user can follow the training.


Employee of the month

Let team members know how well they are doing with our Employee of the month module. This can be tailored to your team specifically.


Contact Directories

With our Contact Directories module you can easily store clients, employees and other contact details in separate directories. This is a quick go to to find the information you need.



Does your business require an active internet based community? To discuss and collaborate? Our Forum could be the answer.


Room Bookings

Our Room Bookings add on in its basic setup allows you to book rooms in time slots and allot that room to a specific individual or individuals. Easy to run and manage.