5 Great Reasons why your business needs an Intranet in 2017

Feb 1, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

Intranets are Internal Company websites. They are hugely popular with a lot of businesses, which got us thinking. Why don’t more companies, large and small have them? The benefits can be huge, the time saving and streamlining of business functions can be very helpful. But the biggest reason of all is AN INCREASE IN SALES! Here’s 5 reasons you might want to think of one for your business:

5 Reasons your business needs an Intranet - The Intranet Co.

No.1 - Document management

Keeping your companies documents in a secure environment online provides each Intranet user with easy access to information. This is particularly useful with companies seeking an ISO accreditation as document management is key. An Intranet provides a system where any user, on any internet connected device, can easily share and access information and documentation.

No.2 - Team engagement

If each member of your team can login and see the latest company news, information, events or chat online with other members of the team who are remote. An intranet solution can dramatically improve cross company communication.

No.3 - Save time don't lose it

Picture the scene, you’ve got a meeting, you need to find that document, it is stored on your central shared server, or is it? Was it removed? Has it been renamed or updated? With an Intranet, you simply type in the first few words of the filename into the search engine and if its there, the document will appear.

No.4 - Business Processes online

Does your business use an application based management system? Are you manually storing customer information? Do you spend time looking in filing cabinets for information? Are you one of two users that can use an ageing database solution to manage a business process? Then an Intranet can provide an online single solution.

Intranets can be tailored to meet your requirements. We’ve created many solutions for clients who's specifications don’t fit the ‘off the shelf’ alternatives. If you need a Quoting system, Purchasing system or perhaps a system to manage time keeping? Chances are we can help save you and your business time.

No.5 - Help the Environment

The happy bi-product of less printing and automating your businesses processes is helping the Environment whilst improving security. Less printing of emails, notifications of meetings and online content. Easily accessible information and automation of process will all result in less printing which is never a bad thing.

So there you have it, 5 reasons why your company should have or be thinking about an Intranet


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5 Great Reasons why your business needs an Intranet in 2017

Intranets are Internal Company websites. They are hugely popular with…